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RAISING THE BAR for Patient Care

Duke Health Affiliation Brings Expertise, Education and Experience to CalvertHealth

“The affiliation with Duke Health represents an important and exciting step in our cancer mission,” said CalvertHealth Cancer Program Director Dr. Theodore Tsangaris. “If I could sum it up in one word this affiliation represents excellence. It means we have now joined forces with excellence in everything they do. And it means our patients have access to that excellence in cancer care right here in our community.”

The new affiliation is the centerpiece of bringing the best oncology care available today to Calvert. The Duke Cancer Network is backed by the resources of the Duke Cancer Institute, ranked among the top four percent of U.S. centers designated as a National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center.

“They are a true leader in their field,” said Dr. Tsangaris, “focused on developing new and better approaches to preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer.” He went on to add, “This relationship allows us to receive the most current training and staff education when it comes to cancer care. More importantly, it will enable us to bring clinical trials to our community. Plus, their experts will be collaborating with clinical teams treating patients locally.”

In addition to having clinical trials locally, CalvertHealth cancer patients can also expect to receive access to the latest thinking in cancer treatment for their particular disease, second opinion service from Duke Health and conciergelevel service for any services they may need from the Duke Cancer Network.

Ready Access to Leading Cancer Experts

Among many other benefits, the affiliation will give our providers easy access to second opinions from all types of cancer subspecialists working at the academic level and will link these specialists with our oncology team for tumor boards and cancer conferences where treatment planning for local patients is discussed.

“In our community, we are challenged by seeing all kinds of cancers,” said medical oncologist Dr. Bilal Ahmed. “You don’t know who your next patient is going to be and that is why having easy access to cancer experts at this level is so exciting.

I will be able to closely collaborate for instance with a lung cancer doctor who travels the world and just does lung cancer, who knows what treatments have just been approved and a lot of what is in the pipeline.”

Learning from the Best

“Having the ability to access the tremendous educational resources of Duke Cancer Network for our entire team is an incredible opportunity,” said medical oncologist Dr. Arati Patel. “Oncology is a field of medicine that is rapidly changing and being able to learn from some of the country’s top researchers will directly impact our ability to bring exceptional care to our patients and our community.”

“Cancer is not just one disease. It is many different diseases and different for each patient,” she explained. “Our affiliation with Duke Cancer Network will enable us to advance, adapt and accelerate our efforts to give each patient what they really need.”

Advancing Care Through Clinical Trials

Another advantage of the affiliation is the access local patients will have to the kind of groundbreaking clinical trials only available at the best cancer hospitals in the country. “Every significant advancement that has ever been made in the management of cancer, taking care of patients, bringing new treatments to the clinic, has always been predicated upon clinical trials,” said medical oncologist Dr. Kenneth Abbott. “It remains, to this day, the gold standard for the treatment of cancer patients.”

According to Dr. Patel, there are clinical trials in every aspect of caring for the patient. “So, being able to have access to clinical trials allows our patients to have access to newer and very innovative strategies.” She went on to add, “This gives them access like we have never had before in a community setting.”

Additionally, Duke Cancer Network will play a pivotal role in guiding the development of CalvertHealth’s clinical trials program locally using best practices garnered from 50 years of research.

Why Duke Health?

  • Expertise in collaborating with other community hospitals
  • Affiliate network unmatched by any other comprehensive cancer center in the country
  • One of the top 25 comprehensive cancer networks
  • Shared culture with Calvert encourages exchange of knowledge, insights and experience

Here’s why this is GOOD NEWS FOR YOU.

New cancer affiliation with Duke Health provides local patients with access to:

  • The resources of an NCIDesignated Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • The latest cancer research and leading-edge treatment advances
  • Clinical trials only available at the best cancer hospitals in the country
  • Second opinions from all types of cancer experts for treatment planning
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