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Celebrating Success

BE FAST to Spot the Early Signs of Stroke

Knowing stroke signs was key for Sarah Whitehair, when she, mid-conversation with her daughter after school in their Huntingtown home, found herself having stroke symptoms.....
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“Bariatric surgery has opened so many doors for me that were closed for so long,” said Kim Cardwell, 41, of Prince Frederick. “Sometimes, I.....
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Heart Attack Survivor Gets Confidence to Run Again

One year after suffering a devastating heart attack that left him without a pulse for 31 minutes, 49-year-old Frank Holiday of Lusby is poised to run his first-ever marathon after completing the cardiac rehabilitation program at CalvertHealth Medical Center.....
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Ready to Give Up

After 21 surgeries in three months following a life-threatening rupture of his abdominal aorta, James Morelli left Ohio and came home to Calvert ready to give up. At the Center for Wound Care at CalvertHealth, he found healing and perhaps, more importantly, he found hope.......
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