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Just For Her

Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Maybe, you think it’s indulgent. Probably, more often you tell yourself you just don’t have the time. Dr. Barbara Estes wants to remind women that self-care is just another name for taking care of yourself, which is vital to your health and well-being.....
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New Moms Grateful for Amazing Patient Care During Pandemic

Despite the many ways that COVID-19 has turned life upside down, what hasn’t changed is the enormous capacity for understanding and sensitivity the OB team at the CalvertHealth Family Birth Center feel for the women who deliver there. And it is something new moms tell us they appreciate the most....
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For girls, going through puberty can be a rollercoaster of emotions as their bodies are changing and their minds are adjusting to fluctuations in hormone levels. This ‘ride’ continues through childbearing years with menstruation, when estrogen levels increase and decrease during each monthly cycle. Women adapt to experiencing these...
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