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Help Us Build a Healthier Tomorrow.

For more than a century now, the philanthropic efforts of our community have helped CalvertHealth Medical Center achieve many important accomplishments and make a real difference in the lives of those we serve. The people of Calvert County were so eager to support the first hospital; they made more than $2,000 in pledges at the 1919 dedication. It is on this rich heritage of dedication and commitment to excellence that we continue to build upon today.

Rich Heritage. Bright Future.
Building on a Century of Care.

In 2016, the CalvertHealth Foundation embarked on a three-year Capital Campaign to raise funds needed to support the hospital’s largest expansion project ever – a $51-million addition and renovation to the medical center to convert to all private patient rooms on its medical/surgical floors. The initial goal was $3 million and two years into the campaign, through generous leadership gifts, the Foundation has raised $3.1 million. Lynette Entzian, chair of the Foundation, said, “The support has been so overwhelming, and we have so many more people who want to be a part of this effort that we have decided to reach for a new goal of $4 million by the end of the project.” After the new private rooms open in Spring 2019, renovation of the current rooms will begin with the entire project coming to conclusion in 2020. Throughout the early stages of the campaign, many philanthropic supporters stepped forward with key gifts that have sustained the campaign and propelled it forward. “The outpouring of support for this project is a true testament to the passion of our community to bring the absolute best care to our family, neighbors and friends,” said long-time Calvert County resident Marianne Harms, Foundation board trustee and champion for the campaign. To date, 1,002 people have made contributions to the Building on a Century of Care Capital Campaign.

“All gifts are important; all gifts are appreciated; all gifts make a difference,” said CalvertHealth President and CEO Dean Teague. “As we celebrate our 100-year history and work to sustain a bright, healthy future for CalvertHealth, I cannot think of a better time to become a CalvertHealth Foundation supporter. A project of this scope does not happen without the contributions and commitment of many individuals, and the effort they represent, play a major role in bringing this $51-million expansion project to fruition.”

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