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Revitalizes, Refocuses Health System on Those We Serve.

“Our new mission, vision and core values are more than mere phrases; they unite us around a redefined common purpose – inspiring all employees to continue to raise the bar for themselves, our patients and our community,” said Jeremy Bradford, CalvertHealth President and CEO.

“Every organization is guided by their mission, but it’s the vision that sets the course for our future,” Bradford stated. “In order to realize our vision of becoming the trusted healthcare leader, we must grow and evolve as an organization. It’s going to take hard work to earn that trust, but this team has the talent, the heart and the fortitude to achieve our goals of excellence.” He went on to add, “You won’t find a more dedicated team than you have right here at CalvertHealth.”

Bradford described the strategic planning process as inclusive and transparent. “Every employee, board member, foundation board member, key stakeholder, physician and provider were asked to participate in the planning process with everyone’s input taken into account.” In addition, Bradford said more than 500 interviews and focus groups were conducted with community members and health system leadership.

Bradford says future plans for the health system include a laser focus on quality and safety as well as plans for expanded primary and specialty care services for Women’s Health, Cancer Care, Digestive Diseases/Weight Management and Orthopedics/Sports Medicine.

CalvertHealth conducts a needs assessment every three years to identify the most pressing health needs in the community. These findings help ensure the organization’s resources are being directed toward opportunities where the most impact can be realized.

“Everything we do is measured against our priorities – how many physicians are needed, what partners can help us achieve our goals, and where we will make capital investments,” said Bradford. “All these decisions are weighed carefully against our plans.”

According to the 2023 Community Health Needs Assessment the following topped the list of health concerns for the area: cancer care; mental health and substance abuse; diabetes, nutrition and weight management.

Cancer has been and continues to be one of the most prevalent healthcare needs in our community, and one which CalvertHealth continues to make a priority. Most recently CalvertHealth affiliated with Duke Health, one of the nation’s top ranked cancer programs, to expand its expertise in this area and in 2024 will begin to offer clinical trials to our patients and conduct research. “That is no small feat,” Bradford stated.

“Our core values of quality, compassion, teamwork and integrity have long been a part of our organization, but I am proud that we have added diversity as our newest core value,” said Bradford. CalvertHealth’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee has become active setting a new charter, surveying employees and setting goals for the future.

“Our goal is to ensure that we are diverse in our thinking and our services are focused on under-served communities. We need to ensure we are inclusive of anyone and everyone - including persons of color; individuals from various cultural, religious or ethnic backgrounds; the LGBTQ+ community; individuals with disabilities; older adults; and anyone and everyone who comes to us for care.” Bradford added, “In the end, we recognize our differences make us stronger.”

Bradford said the one constant about health care is that it is always changing – and requires a transformative approach to drive innovation. “I say transformative because that means we are impacting the lives of those we serve in an important way.”
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