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New Moms Grateful for Amazing Patient Care During Pandemic

Calverthealth Team Strives for Safest and Best Birth Experience Possible

Despite the many ways that COVID-19 has turned life upside down, what hasn’t changed is the enormous capacity for understanding and sensitivity the OB team at the CalvertHealth Family Birth Center feel for the women who deliver there. And it is something new moms tell us they appreciate the most.

“The nurses are so personable,” said Rachel Crim of Lusby. “You make a connection in the short amount of time you’re there and that is just so important. It’s such a big time in your life … a lifealtering time.”

Crim said she especially liked how the nurses kept her informed. “I’m a patient who needs to know what is happening,” said the secondgrade teacher. “The nurses were really good at explaining everything. I felt like I was very knowledgeable about what the next steps were.”

‘They Were on Top of It’

Even with an extremely busy birth center, Crim said the nurses were very responsive to her needs. “I know it sounds really small but anytime my water pitcher was empty, even without me saying anything they would already bring a full one back in,” said Crim.

“The entire post-partum unit was filled but they were always on top of things,” she added. “As a nursing mother, you feel like you could drink a river. I just felt like every time I turned around, it was replenished and thought of … especially when your husband or whoever you are with can’t leave to get it for you.”

Extra safety precautions put in place at CalvertHealth Family Birth Center during the pandemic included limiting one approved visitor for mothers during their stay. Visitors may not switch out and are required to remain in the patient room at all times.

Knowing What to Expect

Brandi Campbell of Benedict said talking to her obstetrician, Dr. Michelle Johnson, ahead of time about what to expect made a big difference for her. “I truly feel like that helped a lot,” she said. “I knew going in we’d have to wear masks and, of course, all of our caretakers would be, as well.”

She went on to add, “The overall experience was fantastic, actually. Again, knowing what to expect takes a lot of weight off your shoulders. And everyone (at the birth center) is so real … they talk to you and they let you know what’s going on.”

Campbell said the first day after her C-section she was feeling very nauseous and dizzy. “The nurses were so attentive when I told them what my issues were and were so patient.”

She was also impressed with the extra attention given to cleanliness. “With COVID looming, I was really grateful for the sanitation and the masks and sterile clothing.” Although her daughter needed to be flown out to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital for respiratory issues, Campbell said she appreciated how the CalvertHealth staff kept her in the loop on what was being done to take care of her.

A Chance to Really Bond

Crim said not having visitors turned out to be the best part of her stay. “I think Stephan (her husband) and I would both agree it allowed us time to bond with Paisley before we brought her home and gave us that alone time we wouldn’t have gotten before.

“Honestly, with our next baby and COVID is gone, I probably won’t have visitors,” she said. “It was so rewarding and allowed us to connect and to have that moment together without a lot of other people.”

Planning Ahead Is Essential

“I would encourage expectant moms to talk to your OB,” said Campbell. “Ask all your questions beforehand because when you get there that day it’s game on. That way you do have a better mindset of what to expect and you’ll be better prepared.

“And make sure to pack as many comfort items as you can think of,” added the 40-year-old hairdresser. “For me, it’s my favorite feather pillow and sweet tea.”

“We share the frustration and disappointment so many feel about how the pandemic has impacted their plans for labor and birth,” said Dr. Johnson. “But I want to reassure our patients that CalvertHealth OB/GYN is committed to working with the team at the family birth center to provide the safest and best birth experience possible.”
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