Rebecca Burgess  |  4/14/2023

Spring Update - 1000 Hours Outside Challenge

SPRING IS HERE! As of today, April 7, we have almost 160 hours outside since we launched the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge on January 23. These warmer days over the past few weeks have really given us all new life! I have spent a few afternoons working from home outside at a makeshift desk in the backyard. My husband and kids have also been able to transition their daily activities more easily to being outside. It is so much easier to get kids outside when you don’t require two jackets, hats, gloves, extra socks, basically, everything shy of a full snowsuit. When you only require a pair of shoes and clothes on your back, it is way easier to make time to be outside. However, I will admit that I will miss the hot chocolate bribe to get O back inside sometimes, maybe we’ll just have to start making smoothies instead!

We were a lot busier than I anticipated in March, so I wasn’t able to meet my goal of two new places outside, but we did have an outdoor activity at least once each week, including one 6-hour day, which was particularly awesome. My son turns one in April, which means we will have a nice little party for him with all the kids hopefully playing outside if the weather corporates. I am also excited to participate with CalvertHealth’s Christmas in April team! I am looking forward to spending some time volunteering while getting in my outside hours.

Needless to say, I look forward to the weather continuing to corporate with us. As it gets warmer, I plan to start eating dinners outside as much as possible and, on non-bath nights letting the kids play outside after dinner now that the sun is setting a little later. I’m also starting my next grad school class so hopefully, once L is walking and we get the playground assembled (this weekend!) I can let the kids play outside while I finish homework assignments on the weekends!

I hope you all are getting a chance to enjoy some of these beautiful days before it gets too hot, and as always, let me know if you have any fun or creative ways to get outside.
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