Rebecca Burgess  |  3/14/2023

Second Month Update - 1000 Hours Outside Challenge

Almost two months down, ten more to go! We are nearly 60 days into the 1000 hours outside challenge and have accumulated 83 hours outside. While we aren’t regularly hitting the 2-3 hour daily goal, I have been happy with our effort so far.

February flew by, and the rain slowed us down a little bit. I am not sure how your families have been fairing, but we have certainly been looking forward to the extra hour of sunshine at the end of the day. Hopefully, the rest of March will be slightly dryer for us as well.

We have been going to our neighborhood park way more than I ever imagined. My daughter has taken to running to the park, so we both get a little extra cardio for the day as I push my 11-month-old. It has also been great to meet some of the other ‘park’ families! I always saw different families playing whenever I drove by, and now I actually know a few of them.

We purchased a small swing set for my kids last fall and are finally planning to assemble. So while we will still go to the park for the change of scenery, I think our backyard will be used a lot more when a swing set is involved. O has fallen in love with the slide, so I am hopeful that the swings will likewise draw her attention.

While I am proud that we typically make it outside at least six days of the week for at least an hour, I am very excited for the weather to warm up and dry out a little. O would go outside to play in a hurricane if I let her, but with a little one that isn’t walking yet, it can be hard to get them both dressed and out the door to let them play.

My goal for the next month is to take them to at least two new outdoor places. I was originally thinking every weekend, but twice a month is good to start with, and we can always build in the summer months.

Please share any fun ways you have found to get outside. Last week, I had a work meeting in Solomons, and my husband encouraged me to go for a run before I came home. It was so refreshing to get in a quick run with no kids in tow while soaking up the beautiful scenery and fresh air!
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